Shopware 6

Shopware is a modular online shop system developed in Germany since 2004. It is available both as open source software and in commercial editions.

Offer listing

Shopware offers an adjustable export function for the transmission of your offers.

To the Shopware documentation about the setup of product exports

For an optimized data feed, use the following feed configuration template. You only need to copy the header or template to the respective tab of the configuration and save it.

Our technical shop support will be happy to assist you with the setup if required.

Integration of conversion tracking

Unpack this ZIP and save the folder in your derived theme (see Shopware documentation) under the following path: "custom/plugin/THEME/scr/Resources"
(where THEME is the name of the derived theme you are using). The cache must then be emptied in the backend under "Settings > Caches & Indices".

Got any questions? Please contact us!

Our Technical Shop Support will be happy to help you.

Tel: +49 721-98993-60
(For direct dialling, select "1" in the voice menu and then "2".)