Reach new target groups with Microsoft advertising

With the Bing search engine, Microsoft offers the second most frequently used search engine with a 10 % market share. Bing enables you and your products to be found outside of Google as well.

Enhance your search engine marketing mix

  • Many years of expertise & Microsoft Advertising Elite Partner

  • Smart campaign management using intelligent algorithms & machine learning

  • Management according to your target specifications

  • Continuous assessment of outcomes

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It couldn’t be easier

AOL, Yahoo, Ecosia and other search engines also belong to the Microsoft universe, together with Bing. With Microsoft shopping ads via solute, you will reach new customers and thus new purchasers for your online shop – all very simply! 

We show you how it works:

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One listing in soluteNet is enough. Our experts automatically optimize your data feed for microsoft advertsing as well.

Shopping Ads

Your offers appear on the Microsoft Advertising Network – for additional reach and new customers.


Our experts will optimize your data feed based on your target specifications.


The customer purchases the product in your online shop.

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3 convincing arguments

Why should you activate your Microsoft shopping ads with us? Quite simple: Because as a solute customer you benefit from numerous advantages:

Purchasing Power

The users in the Microsoft environment are on average older, surf more via a PC and thus often also have a higher purchasing power or likelihood to purchase.

Market penetration

Yahoo, duckduckgo, AOL and Ecosia are all part of the Microsoft network.

>10 % market share

Reach completely new users via the second largest search engine network and be visible in a new target group.

Microsoft Advertising offers you the perfect complement for your search engine marketing mix.

Your shopping ads will be displayed to complete different new users via this channel – you will benefit from additional, high-performing reach and completely new customers who will become purchasers!

The Microsoft network

Your shopping ads will not only be displayed on the Bing search engine, they will be spread across the entire Microsoft Advertising network.

This encompasses many portals:

Your users in the Microsoft Advertising network

Users in the Microsoft network are on average older and often have greater purchasing power as they have a higher level of education which is often also linked to a higher income. 

So with this you will reach completely new, different customers for the offers in your online shop with your shopping ads.


44% are female
56% are male


31% have a higher education qualification


24% have a household income in the top 25%


Any questions? You can use our FAQ on the Topic Microsoft PLA


The difference is that your ads are not shown in Google but in the Microsoft environment. That is the perfect complement to your Google ads for even greater range.


You don’t have to do anything if you already list in soluteNet and thus on Activation of Microsoft shopping ads happens completely automatically.


Activation of Microsoft Shopping Ads is included in your soluteNet contract – with no additional fees or extra costs.