Corporate Social Responsibility 

We take responsibility: Sustainability and social commitment are important aspects in our day-to-day work, and also beyond that. We regularly take part in projects for the environment, our society and, in particular, for the regional needs of our hometown Karlsruhe.

Sustainability and social commitment in our daily life

We use eco-friendly printing paper and beverage dispensers to protect the environment and reduce our consumption of resources.

We offer our employees only fruit from regional suppliers to prevent unnecessary delivery routes and to support our farmers.

We manage our business responsibly and consider the ecological impact of all our operations. Therefore, our employee gifts are only from sustainable production.

The reduction of our ecological footprint is an important topic for us each day. For this reason, we offer our employees the option of home office and bicycle leasing. Trainees also receive the KVV Schoolcard.

What we stand for

We all take care of our world: climate change, plastic pollution, poor working conditions – there are many things we need to tackle. As a company, we show responsibility and want to make a contribution. We're not just talking, we are acting: We put this tagline into practice in various actions that stand up for the environment, people and our home region.


With our solutions, we want to create a future shaped by a sustainable environment.


We support projects providing help to people in difficult situations.


We want to give something back to our hometown Karlsruhe by supporting regional charity projects.

A few projects that we support



As an official Microsoft Advertising Partner, we were part of the "Get to Green" campaign in 2020. With the strategic focus on sustainability and according to the motto "Get to Green", Microsoft teamed up with Ecosia, the consortium partner – with the goal of reducing the number of our Microsoft advertising gifts and planting 250,000 trees on behalf of each participating company. Inspired by this sustainable campaign, we planted a tree for each of our employees in August 2020 in cooperation with PLANT-MY-TREE®. As a result, we are also making an important contribution to climate protection by offsetting CO2.

PLANT-MY-TREE® carries out reforestation projects, forest conversion projects and forest protection for CO2 compensation in Germany. PLANT-MY-TREE® attaches great importance to biodiversity and rejects monocultures. Regional conditions are taken into account and, if possible, mixed forests are planted. Over decades, this creates a natural habitat for insects and animals. Sustainable tree plantations on the mainly own areas as well as planned project durations of at least 99 years, in which no deforestation or economic use is to take place, underline the long-term climate protection goals of PLANT-MY-TREE®.


The littering of the oceans is one of the biggest problems of our time. As a contribution to save the oceans, we donated three hundred climate-neutral glass bottles to our employees in cooperation with soulbottle.

This contributed to save 2905 kg of CO2 pollution, avoid 13,812 plastic bottles and provide 23 people with access to drinkable water.

The soulbottle company is focused on ensuring that our oceans remain clean. To accomplish it, the company offers soulbottles, which are completely climate-neutral and produced without the use of plastic. As a result, to reduce the consumption of plastic bottles. The glass bottles can be designed and customized by the customer, making them suitable for any occasion. Since 2012, soulbottles has eliminated 164 million plastic bottles and 35,000 tons of CO2, and given 86,000 people access to drinkable water.


In 2018, we avoided buying christmas gifts inside our company and also to our partners. This did not just benefit the environment – we donated the amount we saved as a result to the DKMS "Donation instead of gifts" campaign. This enabled new registrations for stem cell donors to give blood cancer patients a second chance in life.

In addition to the main field of activity, the registration of stem cell donors, the DKMS also conducts research to find cures for people suffering from leukemia. DKMS is also active as a research organization for other diseases of the blood-forming system, such as blood cancer or stem cell transplants. The organization is not only present in Germany, but also all over the world (e.g. in the USA, Chile and South Africa). So far, DKMS has facilitated more than ten million registered life donors and thus 91,000 stem cell donations.


In order to do something good for our region we supported the Karlsruher Tafel with a food donation. We provided shopping carts so that everyone could donate a share, especially since our company building is connected to a supermarket chain. In addition to our own share, we ended up with a total of two shopping carts filled with food items.

The Karlsruher Tafel uses its donations to support people in difficult life situations, such as the homeless, pensioners or low-income families. All kinds of food are provided and distributed by sponsors. As a non-profit and charitable organization, the Karlsruher Tafel employs 95 volunteers.


Appropriate to the christmas season 2021, the solute trainees have taken a very special project to heart: giving a little joy to children and young people in emotional/financial need in the area of Karlsruhe. As part of the Christmas campaign "Christmas in a Shoebox", 24 children from the Arche Karlsruhe, aged 7 to 14, were able to receive a shoebox filled with hats, gloves, painting materials and more.

The Kinder & Jugend Arche Karlsruhe is a non-profit association for the support of children and young people in emotional and financial need. In addition to donation and aid campaigns throughout the year, there is the opportunity to support numerous projects, especially at christmas. 


Especially current topics, which are affected in our immediate environment by environmental influences, war or other occurrences, we want to support – in order to encourage involved persons in these difficult times.

  • The Tabler Foundation
    For the Tabler Foundation we collected several 1.000€ to support the victims of the flood disaster 2021 mainly in Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia.

  • Concert for Ukraine:
    The war in Ukraine has not left us untouched either. Therefore, it is a special matter of passion for us to make a contribution here. In total, we were able to collect more than 1,000 € to help Ukrainian women and children in need.