We are one 
great team

We support each other, share our learnings and celebrate our achievements. At solute, we are one team, whether we are working with customers, partners or on internal projects. We are growing together!


These are our teams

Content Management

User-optimized and qualitative content is particularly important to us. For that reason, our content is created directly in-house. Whether in the online editorial department, in the SEO team or in category management – our experts design, write and coordinate our content directly from scratch.

IT & Software Development

To ensure that our portals and our additional products work properly, the IT team is continuously working on the technical development of the systems. In addition to supporting the systems and implementing new features, we design and develop new software solutions. We prefer to use open source technologies. Python is the standard programming language for our specialists – in the front-end we rely on EmberJS and Pyramid.


Our corporate marketing team manages our internal and external brands – with a lot of passion and creativity, we design our corporate identity while planning and supporting our regular company events and exhibition participation. Our online marketing specialists are responsible for our performance marketing know-how – Google Comparison Shopping, Google Shopping Ads and Search Engine Advertising are part of our daily business.


Our high-performance network contains products of more than 130,000 retailers from over 4,800 stores and marketplaces. Long-term satisfied customer relationships are the focus and priority in all our operations. The best possible reach for sellers and advertisers combines our focus on our customers and partners.


Management is where our organizational talents are in action. This includes everything that happens behind the scenes – intelligent accounting and controlling processes, the coordination of our internal and external meetings, a living feelgood management and personnel support with a lot of heart are our focus.

Portal Business

Our team consists of product owners, product managers and user experience designers. Together we take care of the technological and creative development of the solute portals in order to offer our customers the best possible user experience and our shop partners high-conversion reach channels. The focus is on billiger.de, the associated apps and editorial tools, shopping.de) and Juuhu.at for our client the Austrian Post.

Where would be your place? 

The management

Bernd Vermaaten

Bernd Vermaaten has held various management positions over the past 15 years following his bank training and economic studies in Leipzig. Prior to his engagement at solute GmbH, he was responsible for worldwide commercial affairs within the PTV Group as Head of Global Finance and was involved in the M&A process with Porsche Automobile Holding SE (PSE).

In May 2018, he became commercial manager and took over the management of the company in October 2018.

Bernd Vermaaten is married and has three children.

Dr. Thilo Gans

Dr. Thilo Gans has been working in the online industry since his studies. In 2002 he graduated as economist and has done his doctoral thesis with the topic "Image improvement through medium appropriate implementation of Corporate Identity in the internet".

He has already been working in various management positions: among other things, he was responsible for sales at Verivox and took over as interim head of online marketing at 1&1 Internet SE. He has been managing director of an online portal in Karlsruhe from 2017 to 2019 until he joined solute GmbH.

Dr. Thilo Gans is married and has two children.