Case Study: Thalia

How solute increased Thalia's sales in a very short time with Google CSS Shopping Ads

> 1 Mio.

      Clicks in Germany
     (Jan 2019 - Dec 2019)


Ratio of men
and women


Ratio brand & non-brand search queries


Increase in average basket sales


are between 35 and
 44 years


The book and toy retailer Thalia lives by the motto: Reading should always be a part of people's lives!  

Therefore, it is important to reach people and encourage them to choose a good book. Because reading is an experience, books make the world understandable. And our own imagination is what drives us. To ensure that customers find the right book – anytime, anywhere – and Thalia work together. With CSS Shopping Ads powered by, numerous people found the right literature. 

Status Quo 

More visibility, more customers and sales, more competition displacement – the dream of every retailer. To achieve these goals, a shop known all over Germany decided to use Shopping Ads with - and wrote its own success story step by step. The effect of our cooperation was great but the concept behind our full managed service is simple: The shop sends us its data feed – we take care of the rest. 

Our team of specialists as well as business intelligence and AI technologies constantly check and optimize the data to generate high-performance campaigns and thus reach the customers.

The top 6 best-selling categories

In order to exploit the greatest possible potential for Thalia, it is important to identify the top categories in order to be able to play out targeted campaigns on the Google networks.

(Jan 2019 - Dec 2019)



To achieve the greatest possible success with the CSS shopping campaign, we display the ads in various Google networks. The Google search network includes Google Search, Images and Shopping, while the Google display network includes channels like Youtube or Gmail. In the partner network, the product shopping ads are displayed on websites that contain product images and a link to the related product.


As a certified Premium CSS Partner we are in direct contact with the specialists from Google. The coordination with the shop customer on a regularly basis as well as the continuous target and success measurement also contributed to the early recognition of potential and the ideal adjustment of the campaign management.


Through constant monitoring we were able to gain valuable insights and use them for our bidding engine. In consideration of the gained data, we displayed the ads on the shop's target group and thus increased the purchase probability.

“The excellent cooperation with solute enabled us to significantly increase our reach among all target groups. We were especially impressed by the strong growth of our sales in this sector. This allowed us to spend more budget, which was directed towards the required targets. We thank the experts at solute for their active support.”

Isabell Beese                                                                                                    
Manager Media- & Online-Marketing Sales eCommerce & Marketing | Thalia Bücher GmbH


» Shop sales 2019 in % in relation to the previous month

» Increase in the number of sales per quarter in 2019 in percent*

Through constant monitoring and adjustment of the campaign, the shop achieved an enormous increase in sales.

*in relation to previous year


The success story of one of the largest book and toy retailers in Germany shows: 

CSS Shopping Ads continuously convert users into new customers and thus increase sales. They create brand awareness and make sure that users get to engage with the shop. The customers can be used by the shop to exploit the potential for cross- and upselling.