Appendix A - Leaflet on advertising success monitoring

1. General information on solutePush

Basically, every click (Shopclickout) made by a user is recorded by the solute click-tracking service and logged in the solute click database. Prior to invoicing all clicks are validated and in doing so cleansed according to the following rules:

a) Multiple clicks on one and the same offer, by one and the same user, within one of solute‘s defined second interval will not be counted.

b) Clicks from search engines (robots) are filtered out and not counted.

c) Clicks from the solute company network are filtered out and not counted.

How can you validate those numbers as a customer of solute?

After registering with solute, the customer receives access to the secure partner area (, in which the customer can get a daily overview of all clicks relevant to invoicing.

Furthermore, solute recommends its customers to include the provided deeplink URLs in their offer data files to ex- tend explicit source characteristics (also called media code or tracking parameters). Those media codes can be evaluated with suitable tools and the click figures can be checked. Usually, this function is already integrated in the shop software or can be activated at a later stage.

solute conversion-tracking

solute conversion tracking offers the customer a solution for the communication of information about target pages retrieved and sales made. Apart from monitoring regular operations*, conversion tracking enables the data-driven optimization of the conversion rate and of the costs-turnover ratio. solute therefore urgently recommends the integration of Conversion Tracking into shops.

(* Retrieval of target pages is confirmed in CT in order to monitor proper operation. In doing so, in addition to the occurrence “target page was retrieved”, the current item price in the shop and information as to whether the offer is currently available are communicated to solute. Such monitoring is optional for the shop. Features can be modified at any time.)