soluteN Launches New Administration Software “Partner Space”

 PR, 18.09.2017


soluteN, the international brand of the German company solute, today announced the release of its new administration software “Partner Space”. The web-based application is available for all shops within the soluteN network and comes with innovative features simplifying workflows.


Committing to ensure a great user experience, soluteN introduces today “Partner Space”, a new and easy-to-use administration software for its customers. This release includes a completely redesigned user interface (UI) with a modern look and feel, while also adding new features that help our partners to manage their projects with ease.
The new partner space lay a strong emphasis on a consistent, user-friendly interface that allows our partners to navigate through the system more efficiently. Contemporary color pallets and modern fonts make the application even more appealing to use. In addition, the release provides a seamless access to business relevant information and settings, such as account data, billing, campaign statistics and notifications.
The key highlights of the new UI are:

  • Real-time Campaign Overview – On their personal space, users will find an overview, giving them a summary of their campaign with its current state. This includes information about the market it is listed, the amount of clicks it generates, the ongoing charges and much more.

  • Centralized Platform – All the available account information is centralized within your partner space. You can easily modify the information when needed. If your address or your contact details need to be updated, just access the application to make the appropriate changes. Furthermore, invoices can be directly downloaded from your partner space. 

  • Multilingual User Interface – The web based application comes with a multilingual user interface. Each user is able to select their own preferred display language. The tool supports English and French so far. Turkish, Italian, and Spanish will be added in the near future. 

The new partner space is available for all shops within the soluteN network. Current customers can easily access the software via the login page using the following link: The web application supports all major web browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge.



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