What is soluteN?

soluteN develops partnerships with audience providers to help monetize their engaged consumer audience by promoting global shopping content. Various solutions such as API Access, CSV Exports, Browser Extension solution and a mobile solution is about to come. 

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What are the advantages of soluteN?

The soluteN network enables online merchants from all over the world the ability to promote their offers in real time to consumers who are actively engaged in comparing products and prices online. soluteN is an alternative consumer traffic source independent of search engines.

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What determines the rank of an offer in the “referential” of soluteN?

The online shops offers within the soluteN network are integrated objectively in the soluteN referential. They are classified by their price.

For more information please contact shpssltncm

Advertisers earnings

Does soluteN sell products itself?

No, it does not sell products directly to consumers, it connects consumers to online merchants in order to do their online shopping.

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How much does it cost online shops to enter the soluteN network?

To enter the soluteN network is free. There are no set-up costs or a minimum contract period or a minimum budget. The business model is based on the cost per click model, which means the online shop will pay for clicks from users who are forwarded to their shop.

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How does soluteN earn money?

soluteN is based on partnership deals that allows Brands and online merchants within the network to build their brand image thanks to our alternative solution.

How to get started

Advertisers datafeed requirements

What information must be included in the data feed?

To ensure that your shop's offers are properly listed on soluteN, the following information must be included in the data feed:

  • Complete offering data must be exportable in one file
  • File in CSV or TXT format.
  • Defined URL. e.g. www.YourShop.com/solutefeed.csv

For more information please read the data feed specification

How do you check the data feed, see if it contains errors?

When you sign with the soluteN network, our team verifies each data feed before putting it live. Once live, the data feeds are checked regularly. If we notice any anomalies, our key account managers will notify the online right away. Please take into account the working days, if the error occurs out of this period it will take more time to fix it.

What are the size requirements for product images?

Make your shop logo available on a defined URL (e.g. www.YourShop.com/logo.gif). Please provide this to your contact at solute. Please note that your logo must have a resolution of 90 x 30 pixels or a width x height ratio of 3:1. An image file should not exceed 1MB.

How to get started

What if I want to list additional offers in the soluteN network?

You submit your new data feed to your soluteN key account manager and it will be integrated in real time. If you have submitted your data feed via URL, your feed will be updated every 2 hours so as to display the latest offers.

For more information please contact shpssltncm

Who should I notify when my product catalogue is updated or my URL changed?

If any of your information change, please contact your key account manager by mail, he will do the necessary updates in your campaign.

For more information please contact shpssltncm

How can I track the success of my campaign?

soluteN has developed a tracking pixel that when installed in the sales conformation portion of your page will record a confirmed sale from our platform. This pixel is free to our merchants and offers in depth look into the performance of your campaign. This will also allow account manager a granular insight in to optimising the traffic that you receive.

For more information please contact shpssltncm

How can I pause my campaign?

You can pause and restart your campaign at any time with written notice to solute. Whether you are a seasonal shop or if our online store is under construction.

What about individual offers?

Your account manager can exclude any number of offers from your feed at any time.

If none of these explanations applies, please contact shpssltncm

How can I change the delivery time shown in my offer?

The delivery data is within the data feed that you provide the soluteN team. You only have to modify the data feed and provide it to your key account manager that will update the feed within the soluteN network. If you have submitted your data feed via URL, your feed will be updated every 2 hours so as to display the latest offers.


What is the soluteN Publisher program?

Publishers monetise their consumer base by integrating the soluteN network. They drive quality into their website, software or search engine. They can build their own shopping catalogue and access high-quality data from thousands of merchants.

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How do I join the soluteN Publisher program?

You fill in the contact form on the partner page in order to join the soluteN Publisher program. You will be accepted on a discretionary basis.

How to get started

Can I integrate soluteN shopping content on multiple websites / products?

Yes, you only need to send this new information beforehand to soluteN for approval.

For more information please contact nfsltncm

Can I integrate shopping content from other partners than soluteN?

Yes, there is no exclusivity within our contracts.

For more information please nfsltncm

Publishers earnings

How do Publishers generate earnings?

Publishers generate earnings by placing the shopping data provided by soluteN onto their website/products. By doing so, it links the shopping data to their website visitors.

For more information, please contact prtnrsltncm

When do the publishers start to generate earnings?

The publishers generate earnings as soon as soluteN has measurable billable redirects. These redirects are triggered by their users, that are sent to one of our partner merchants/online shop.

For more information, please contact prtnrsltncm

What is the publishers’ commission rate?

The publishers’ commission rate is established between the publisher and soluteN’s partner team on a discretionary basis.

For more information, please contact prtnrsltncm

What are billable redirects?

Not all the partner users’ redirects are billable. In order to protect our network of online shops/advertisers, soluteN uses a fraud protection system. Therefore, soluteN filters the redirects, the ones that go through will be the billable redirects.

For more information, please contact prtnrsltncm

Publishers reporting

How is soluteN tracking its Publishers’ traffic?

The clickout URL includes a partner specific identifier; the Mediacode. The partner will be identified by this Mediacode and all earnings will be added to his account.

For more information, please contact prtnrsltncm

How can the Partners see the reports of their earnings?

soluteN offers a CSV-report, that shows all the redirects including the earnings on a daily basis.

For more information, please contact prtnrsltncm

How is soluteN tracking the partners traffic quality?

soluteN has a custom sales tracking integrated in our partner shops that enables soluteN to track the traffic quality of its partners.

For more information, please contact prtnrsltncm

Publishers payment

How does the Partners receive payment?

soluteN partners receive a monthly payment in their own currency.

For more information, please contact ccntngsltncm

Can the partners change their payment information?

soluteN will gladly assist its partners if they need to change their payment information.

In order to do so, please ccntngsltncm

Partners sponsored shopping content integration

What type of technologies does soluteN offer to access the partners shopping content?

soluteN offers different technologies in order to receive and distribute its shopping content:

  • CVS Export
  • SDK Browser Add-on
  • Mobile App

For more information, please contact prtnrsltncm

Is there any documentation available on the different technologies that soluteN offers to the partners?

soluteN can provide such documents, please contact prtnrsltncm in order to receive them.

How do the partners integrate the shopping content onto their website?

In order to be able to use the tracking tool at its best, the content provided by soluteN should not be modified.

For more information, please contact prtnrsltncm

How frequently are the partners to update their sponsored shopping content?

The content should be updated as often as possible. Via API Call the results are always up to date. Via export feed, there are updates available every 10 minutes.

For more information, please contact prtnrsltncm

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