Android saving advisor

A mobile price comparison for your users

The Android smartphone becomes a saving advisor.

The technology automatically works in the background of the app: As soon as a user takes a look at an item in an online shop or shopping app, the Android saving advisor looks for better offers in other online shops. Better offers are displayed discreetly and the user is informed where the item is available at a lower price. Results are only displayed if there is an offer with at least 1% saving.

The saving advisor supports all common mobile browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Samsung Browser and currently these four apps in GER: Amazon, eBay, Otto and MediaMarkt*.

Android saving advisor

Your benefits as a B2B partner:

  • Whitelabel-function to create your own saving advisor on Android.
  • Range extension through an independent traffic source.
  • Customer loyalty and increase in sales.
  • Strengthening of your own brand (brand awareness).
  • Minimal expenses on your side due to extensive SDK and hosting services.

Benefits for your customers:

  • Compare prices always and everywhere in real time.
  • Convenient access to 70 million offers.
  • Situational, non-interfering display of notifications.
  • Extensive setting options.
  • Set it up once, always get the best price!

Implement our Android saving advisor SDK in your app. Offer your users a feature that saves real money. Increase your sales!

* Support for additional apps can be extended as needed.

Any questions? Please contact us.

Annabelle Hoeps

Head of Syndication &
Affiliate Marketing



Pricepretzel Logo

PricePretzel is our Android saving advisor demo app for you to download and try out in the Google Play Store:

PricePretzel herunterladen im Google Play Store

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