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Do you still have users or do you already have friends? Get to know your customers directly at the point of sale and increase the engagement with your products for a maximum ROI through individual targeting. 

solutePush is our clever solution for Web Push, In-App Push and App Push messages for your dialogue with customers.

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  • Simple – Plan your campaigns for each channel on a common intuitive web interface

  • Versatile – Create rich content for your users with videos, images, GIFs and more

  • Precise – Set up geo-targeting or target group specific campaigns

  • Interactive – Define concrete user events as triggers for your campaigns and thus optimize your dialogue

  • Profitable – Increase your sales through targeted sales promotion campaigns

On-site marketing at the point of sale

With solutePush you can also set up targeted campaigns in your webshop to show content based on browser push notifications via desktop or mobile. Learn more about our two use cases:

Case I: Generate new newsletter subscriptions with Push

Simply generate new newsletter contacts by advertising your lead campaigns such as lottery promotions via webpush on your platform. For example, use our newsletter software soluteMail for a direct data sync and thus expand the channels on which you conduct your customer dialogue.

Case 1: Neue Newsletter-Abos mit Push generieren

Case II: Shopping cart reminder

Case 2: Warenkorb-Reminder

Set new impulses directly at the point of sale, i.e. directly in the webshop itself to strengthen the users' purchase decision positively. By using push messages for shopping cart dropouts, you activate customers who leave a certain product in the shopping cart – for a period of time that is defined by you – without completing the purchase. Send incentives like a voucher to trigger the purchase process even more intensively.

Geofences & iBeacons - Set the right triggers on the spot

With solutePush you can contact your app users who are located in a certain geofence, i.e. in a defined radius around a location. Send messages when the user enters or leaves the site and set up efficient trigger campaigns.

Geofences und iBeacons

Contact your app users if they are directly in front of your store, for example with a welcome-back voucher or send a time-delayed feedback campaign after leaving the store. We bring you and your users closer together!

Rich Media Content for maximum engagement

Enrich your messages to your users with rich media content and give your messages more attention from your subscribers through appealing content. Integrate images, videos, emojis, GIFs, buttons, deep links and much more into your solutePush messages.

Rich Media Content für ein maximales Engagement

Features of the push variants




Dispatch via browser

Dispatch on the lock screen of the smartphone

Dispatch in open apps

App-Store/Google Play Competitor Analysis




Personalized mailing

Video dispatch

GIF dispatch

Dispatch based on user behaviour


A/B testing

Visitor analysis

Requirement for our App-Push and In-App-Push functions is an existing app for IOS or Android. We will be happy to implement the required integration for you in coordination with our technology partner. Depending on the programming effort, additional costs may occur.

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"The cooperation with solute GmbH always works smoothly. Inquiries are answered quickly and competently. There is no shyness to try out new things in order to optimize existing processes. Solute is now one of our longest and best partners in e-mail marketing which I can recommend to everyone with a clear conscience.”

limango GmbH


"As a young company in the field of mattresses we contacted solute GmbH to gain experience in e-mail marketing. We were enthusiastic about the professional, friendly and cooperative collaboration. The success and further optimization of the campaigns also led to the fact that we gladly entered into a long-term cooperation with solute."


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"For us as an e-mail technology service provider, the cooperation with offers everything we expect from an ideal business partnership: a professional e-mail marketing team, demanding requirements, joint product development and the resulting dynamically growing business volume.”

Xqueue GmbH

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“It’s a joy to work with the team at solute. Their mindset, culture and focus on always doing the right thing for the customer is a perfect match with how we work at Kumulos. This is a great foundation for any partnership.”

kumulos Ltd.


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