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DIY & Garden

In our report, you will find out how the industry DIY & garden works in our network soluteNet and you will receive interesting insights that will help you to place your products even better.

The DIY and garden sector has seen a massive increase in online retailing in recent years and is now one of the fastest growing e-commerce segments. More and more consumers are buying their home and garden products online and benefiting from numerous advantages.

The industry is very successful for us as well and provides almost 20% adspend share of our entire network.

 The target group

Women as well as men between 25 and 65 years

Mostly DIY hobbyists or gardeners: few professionals

Live more in residential, suburban or rural areas

Looking for useful information like tutorials & guides to help them with their buying decisions


Overall online sales in the garden and DIY segment are growing steadily, a trend that has continued since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic.

+ 63%

increase in online sales in the garden product range from 2019 - 2021*

+ 26%

more online sales in the DIY market in 2020**.

*Garten & Heimwerken | Statista
**Wohnen & Garten: So profitieren Sie vom Boom im E-Commerce (






The Garden & DIY segment comprises over 600 advertisers, making it one of our largest verticals. The advertisers also differ in their offerings due to the broad range of products and the high number of offers.

Nevertheless, the market in the DIY & garden segment is highly competitive, which makes it even more important to be active with your own listings where the competition is.


The DIY & Garden industry is very extensive and contains 12 different categories, each with further subcategories. You can find the five most popular categories here:

The volume is not the only decisive aspect, less heavily trafficked categories such as Bathroom & Sanitary are also performing excellently in our network.


Overall, we were able to achieve the following goals for our advertisers in 2022 for the entire DIY & Garden industry:



Google is our strongest channel in the garden & DIY segment: 1/3 of all sales are generated via Google Shopping Ads, which makes Google an indispensable channel in the segment.

On the other hand, the Microsoft network should not be underestimated either: the volume here is lower, but the target group has greater purchasing power. The average shopping cart of Microsoft shoppers is two times higher in this segment.



The purchase rate can also be used to derive the seasonality of the industry - overall, the seasonality of the DIY & Garden sector is very balanced. However, the individual categories show very different trends with clear peaks and troughs.

The garden & balcony area is particularly in demand in the spring months, where it also reaches its peak values.

The workshop & tools segment runs in exactly the opposite direction to garden & balcony and enjoys the greatest demand in the months of Jun - Sep.

The construction and renovation category is quite balanced, but it is evident here that the winter months (Sep-March) are of greater interest.

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