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In our report, we share how pharmaceutical industry work in our network soluteNet and you'll find valuable insights that will help you position your products for greater success.

In the last two years in particular, pharmacy industry has increasingly shifted from the conventional retail store to the online channel.

More and more customers are no longer willing to pay the proverbial pharmacy prices and are actively comparing prices to find a good deal. Increasingly, the decision to buy is also being made online - from 2019 to 2020 alone, online sales of pharmaceuticals grew by a whopping 54%.

 The target group 

In 2021, 6 out of 10 people regularly buy medicines online

Between the ages of 16 and 29, it is even more than 7 out of 10 people*

*,Medikamente %20bei%20Versandapotheken%20zu%20kaufen.


Online is becoming increasingly important - Growth in online sales in the Pharmaceuticals from 2019 to 2020







The pharmaceutical sector are characterized by a relatively large number of advertisers in the same or similar segments. The density of offers is high, so it is even more important to be active with your own listings where the competition is active, e.g. via shopping ads in search engines or on price comparison portals.


For our advertisers, we were able to achieve the following goals in our network 2022:



Via Microsoft Advertising, Shopping Ads reach a more affluent target group (users are on average older and have a higher level of education) - this is also reflected in a 1.7 times higher purchase rate compared to Google CSS



The purchase rate also indicates the seasonality of the sector - in summer, the purchase rate falls due to the fact that fewer acute illnesses trigger purchases as a result of the good weather. By contrast, the purchase rate starts to rise again significantly from October onwards - the first flu epidemic ensures that demand for medicines is significantly higher again. This is followed directly by the second flu epidemic of the winter, which also causes the purchase rate to rise again in the coming weeks.


With our price-demand index you can see price developments and the current price level of the most requested items on It is calculated from a selection of around 60,000 products from the "Pharmaceuticals" range.

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