Case Study: Stellfeld & Ernst 

How solute increases sales & conversions of Stellfeld & Ernst GmbH on Amazon through Sponsored Product Ads


Outdoor articles


85,000 articles from nine theme worlds


Amazon Advertising




The traditional Dortmund-based company Stellfeld & Ernst GmbH has specialized in the outdoor living sector since its founding in 1963. In order to maintain the passion of founder Peter Ernst to this day, over 240 employees now work in six branches and the company's own online store.

Stellfeld & Ernst stands for high-quality products and an extensive range of outdoor products. The range comprises more than 85,000 articles from nine theme worlds. The theme worlds range from barbecue equipment, garden furniture, camping articles and gases to trailers and workshop service offer.

Status Quo and objective

Previous to the collaboration with solute, Stellfeld & Ernst struggled with their Amazon Advertising campaigns in a fast growing Amazon environment dominated with large market players. Based on this, Stellfeld & Ernst was looking for a smart and cost-efficient solution to increase the visibility on Amazon and their success.

Optimize Sponsored Product Ads 

The focus of the collaboration is on optimizing the sponsored product ads for Amazon Germany. The aim is to generate more conversions, increase sales and reduce advertising spend.

Reduce personnel resources

The large number of products & variants in Stellfeld & Ernst's product range accordingly lead to a large number of campaigns that need to be managed. With solute, the high personnel expenditure is to be reduced.

Identify performing keywords and ASIN

The approximately 240 campaigns contain numerous keywords and corresponding bids. The manual adjustment of the keyord bids and the manual addition and exclusion of keywords is very time-consuming. The goal is to generate performant keywords & ASIN automatically and to use them beyond the limits of Amazon Ads.


CAMPAIGN-                        OPTIMIZATION

With the help of Amazon Advertising experts, product listings and product data are optimized so that better visibility on Amazon is achieved.

CAMPAIGN-                              SETUP

To drive keyword and ASIN acquisition, a coordinated duo of automated and manual campaigns was created.

ANALYSIS &                        OPTIMIZATION

Through constant analysis & regular exchange, daily budgets can be optimally utilized and better results achieved.

"Since the beginning of our cooperation in July 2021, we have been able to significantly optimize our advertising campaigns on Amazon and thus maximize success. In the process, our contact person has always been helpful and extremely competent in assisting us. Thanks to solute and te AI solution Adspert, the advertising success is also clearly measurable and we look forward to continuing to maximize our success together in the future, even beyond the boundaries of Amazon Advertising."

Thomas Lewandowski                                                                                                    
Head of E-Commerce | Stellfeld & Ernst GmbH



optimized CPC bids


new criteria (ASIN | Keywords)

* comp. July 2021 to March 2022

Within 9 months, the Amazon Ads team of solute was able to achieve succesful results at Stellfeld & Ernst with Sponsored Product Ads. During this time, not only were the advertising campaigns optimized as desired, but conversions and sales were also significantly incresed.

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