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In our report you will learn how the Outdoor & Sports range works in our network soluteNet and find exciting industry insights that will help you to place your products even better.

Whether trail running, mountain biking, bouldering or other sports, the sports and outdoor market has developed impressively online in recent years and has become a dynamic sector. The trend is visible everywhere on the street: sports and functional clothing is now part of everyday life for all age groups and social classes.

The market offers enormous potential, which will continue to grow in the coming years.

The target group 

The ratio between men and women is now relatively balanced; previously, the market tended to be dominated by men.

The age group varies according to product category and activity. However, young adults are among the most important customer group.


Hiking, outdoor and mountain sports have become more and more of a lifestyle trend in recent years*.

Enormous annual sales opportunities are also expected in the camping sector**.







Sports & Outdoor is with over 3.5 million listings and more than 800 store a very strong and competitive segment in our network.

Major sportswear and equipment brands as well as e-commerce giants such as Amazon, Alibaba and Walmart dominate the market. So it is even more important for online stores to pursue targeted marketing strategies in order to be noticed by potential customers.


We distinguish between four main categories: Sports, Camping & Outdoor, Bicycles & Accessories and E-Scooters. In particular, the following product groups are in high demand:

In addition to classic fitness, products from the winter sports, water sports, golf and horseriding sectors are particularly high in demand in e-commerce.


Overall, the following targets achieved for our Outdoor & Sports advertisers in 2022:



are the most demanded months

 Client review 

"Our long-term cooperation is characterized by the diverse listing opportunities in the solute network and a dynamic adjustment of our traffic mix, depending on seasonal demand for the sports & outdoor sector. Solute is a reliable partner to gain more reach and conversions for our shop and we are in close exchange with our personal contact regarding regular performance reviews and recommendations for current action measures for our listing strategy."

Nina Berdychowski
Marketing Management


The purchase rate also indicates the seasonality of the industry - the spring months from March to June in particular show a clear increase, but demand in the outdoor and sports sector is also on the rise from August to October.

However, clear differences can be seen depending on the product group. For example, camping and outdoor products are in particularly high demand in September and October, while sportswear and most sports reach their peak in spring and summer.

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