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Microsoft Advertising

From key facts to general information about the channel and the benefits. Here you can find out everything about Microsoft Advertising with solute as a partner.


use search engines for online product research


are under the
age of 45


relation women
 and men 


           graduated                          from college             


have household income in the top 25%

About the Channel

Microsoft Advertising is a platform which places "ads" in the search engine results on the Microsoft Search Network. Online-shops or Microsoft partners, such as solute, can bid for ad placement in the results that are shown to users searching on the Microsoft Network.

Benefits of ad placement via solute:

  • solute is using their team of experts and AI technology for a particularly performance-oriented campaign management in full-service

  • Access to comprehensive product data: due to the company's own price comparison system, millions of data records are standardized and processed daily for an optimal output

  • soluteNet-customers have access to a new target group with high purchasing power

• Why Microsoft Advertising? 

With Microsoft Advertising, online retailers can reach users on all devices and platforms - especially due to the deep integration of Bing into Microsoft products and Windows10, potential customers can easily be addressed in everyday life. Supported by profitable partnerships and syndications, additional search volume is generated.

Additionally, Microsoft is constantly developing their touchpoints in search to reach users even better, as well as providing new features for shops to increase their advertising performance.

• What kind of ad formats can be used and where are they displayed?

The Shopping Ads will be displayed across the large Microsoft Network. With the search engine Bing, Microsoft offers the possibility to be found besides Google. In addition to Bing, the Microsoft universe also includes AOL, Yahoo, Ecosia and other search engines.

• Which assortments are particularly well suited?

Good to know: especially high-priced products push the performance of Microsoft's search engines.

Channel strengths


Low COS and great conversions -                 compared to Google Shopping

- 40%

lower cost-of-sales by solute Microsoft Advertising

+ 95%

higher click-through-rate by  solute Microsoft Advertising*

+ 24%

higher purchase rate by solute Microsoft Advertising

*only Google Search vs. Bing & Yahoo Search


People on the Microsoft search network spend over 30% more than the average Internet searcher.


Microsoft's search engines can reach millions of new customers every month.                     The number of Microsoft users increases annually even further.

"solute has proven to be an excellent channel partner for Microsoft Advertising, as they have industry-specific expertise and successfully leverage the platform to deliver outstanding results for our mutual clients in the German e-commerce space. Their team of Shopping and AudienceAds specialists are highly skilled and always up to date with the latest industry trends and developments."

Federica Mueller
Manager Partner Development DACH | Microsoft Advertising

"solute is s very special partner. In fact, solute is strengthening our partner program in the German market due to their long-standing expertise in e-commerce and their competent team of shopping ads specialists. The targeted and proactive approach of solute has enabled us to achieve great results in just 1.5 years."

Daniel Trost
Manager Partner Development DACH | Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft on expansion course

  • Microsoft's market share in the German domestic market has more than tripled in the last 5 years*:


Desktop-market share

397 Mil.

Monthly searches

21 Mil. 

Monthly unique searches

  • Also at solute, the Microsoft Advertising Channel is an essential part of the business. Since the start of the partnership in May 2020, the channel has rapidly become an important medium in the portfolio of solute and its customers:

Especially the Festive Season and January boost the performance.

Microsoft Elite Partner &
Rising Star of the Year 2022

solute's strong focus on the Microsoft Advertising channel enabled the company to demonstrate strong prospects over the past year in terms of sales, the introduction of funktions and partnerships - for this commitment, solute received the "Rising Star of the Year 2022" (Europe) award from Microsoft. At the same time, the highest partner status "Microsoft Elite Partner" has been achieved, which gives solute the opportunity to grow even further as a partner - for more performance and satisfied online-shops.

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