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Our tooling and managed service allows you to focus entirely on your core business. We take responsibility for your Amazon PPC campaigns and/or your Amazon DSP campaigns and ensure that you achieve your goals.

Increase your Amazon PPC conversions

solute Marketplace Solutions offer advertisers unique and self-learning AI solutions to optimise your Amazon campaigns. The solutions include:

 ✓ Automatic campaign creation

We create campaigns automatically based on the information provided by the advertisers. This saves time and effort and ensures a quick and effective campaign launch.

 ✓ Full automated bidding

We manage your bids automatically. This is done on the basis of AI analyses of historical data and current market conditions. As a result, your bids are always adjusted to the optimum values and costs are optimised.

 ✓ Campaign management

We monitor and optimise your campaigns 24/7, including analysing performance data, adjusting bids and optimising keywords.

 ✓ Keyword maintenance

We maintain the keywords of the campaigns. This includes the removal of irrelevant keywords, the addition of new keywords and the adjustment of keyword bids.

Arguments that convince

solute Marketplace Solutions enables Amazon advertisers to organise campaigns more effectively and at lower cost. Bids are placed on efficient keywords at the right time. As a result, more potential customers are reached and the conversion rate is increased. Here are some concrete benefits:


The automatic campaign creation and the full automation of bidding save advertisers a lot of time and effort.


The AI analysis of historical data and current market conditions ensures that bids are optimised. This reduces the costs.


The continuous monitoring and optimisation of campaigns leads to an increase in performance.


Placing bids on efficient keywords at the right time increases visibility and thus the conversion rate.

Your goals are our goals

solute Marketplace Solutions takes care of your Amazon campaigns from strategy consulting to creation, management, budget monitoring and optimisation – all according to your specifications.


We offer as much as necessary, but as little as possible and squeeze out your competitors. This leads to a reduction in your AcoS.


We utilise your budget where it brings the greatest benefit. We not only maximise your turnover, but also your profit.


Our AI technology helps you to stand out with your bids by placing the right bids on the high-performance keywords and ASINs in good time.


Thanks to our partnership-based billing model, you only pay a performance-based fee for our services and technology. There are no onboarding costs, no setup fee and no monthly fixed costs.



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FAQ Amazon Ads

We have compiled the most frequently asked questions from other Amazon sellers here and hope that we can help you too.

What do I need to do to optimise my ads with solute?

Integration is easy! Together with our Client Success Manager, you connect your campaigns through our AI tool - no technical setup required.

How long does the connection take?

The connection is completed in just 10 minutes. 

How does the algorithm work?

Our artificial intelligence is based on the latest developments in machine learning. Using this AI, we are able to create your campaigns in such a way that they immediately yield successful results and only take a short time for the optimisation to take full effect.

Why shouldn't I do it myself?

Together with us, you can not only increase the efficiency of your campaigns, you will also gain more time for the further development of your company thanks to AI.

Will my advertising not be perceived negatively?

90% of Amazon shoppers are not aware of adverts and find them useful. The acceptance of adverts on Amazon is very high and the conversion rate is 3-4 times higher.

Where will my adverts be displayed?

We optimise all your campaigns on Amazon, whether sponsored products, sponsored brands or display campaigns.